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A sorrowful sight I saw: dark night coming down prematurely, and sky and hills mingled in one bitter whirl of wind and suffocating snow.
She was imperious and Indian, and at the same time hot and sorrowful.
But on other moonlight nights, when the sadness and the silence have touched me in a different way--have affected me with something as like a sorrowful sense of peace, as any emotion that had pain for its foundations could--I have imagined her as coming to me in my cell, and leading me out into the freedom beyond the fortress.
With the unerring instinct of her noble heart, she touched the chords of my memory so softly and harmoniously, that not one jarred within me; I could listen to the sorrowful, distant music, and desire to shrink from nothing it awoke.
Was the death of a warrior in question, he stabbed with his stick, showing how the blow fell and where; did the story grow sorrowful, he groaned, or even wept.
When I went home, I saw two black dogs who came to meet me with sorrowful faces.
He wandered about all day full of despair and misery, and when he lay down at night he could get no rest, but lay awake all night sunk in sorrowful thoughts.
I am a Saxon knight in my own right; and I have always lived a sober and quiet life," the sorrowful guest replied.
Burying my head in my arms I turned, broken, and sorrowful, down the trail from the cave.
It was a sorrowful and a mightily sobered company that came forth again.
Then, addressing me as if to chase away some sorrowful thought:
My friend," said Maximilian, "the voice of my heart is very sorrowful, and promises me nothing but misfortune.