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When the jubilation of breeding had faded/--you storm birds/dived away, sorrowfully screeching, ravenous/ back out into the mists of the world" (22).
As a body of people, we reveal ourselves to be sorrowfully distracted.
I was forcibly retired after the privatisation of the State-owned company I worked for," she adds sorrowfully, explaining that, although she is a graduate, her monthly pension is only about LE100.
Although Demophoon struggles to escape her, he looks back sorrowfully into her longing eyes: the picture is clearly an emblem of Burne-Jones's refusal to leave his wife, Georgina (and so flout dreary Victorian propriety) in order to live with Maria Zambaco, as she proposed, on a Greek island.
We accepted our parents' persuasion and parted sorrowfully when I graduated in June of 1964.
Capable of subtle lyricism, deep pathos, and macabre realism, the novel spins a web of bravura love, crazy camaraderie, deception, betrayal, hatred, and vengeance, then doubles back to shadow its own episodes and probe its narrative reliability, sorrowfully aware that in Miranda both the executioner's and the narrator's faces are well hidden.
Unfortunately, the regime started bad rumors against those honest women to depress them and destroy their reputation," he said sorrowfully.
Eventually, after many delays, Gauguin makes it to Tahiti, where he sorrowfully finds to be nothing like the pages of Bougainville records.
So when no fewer than three friendly neighbours came round saying they could give Lucy the Labrador (Zain Saudi, remember) a good home, Zain looked at them all closely, shook its head sorrowfully, and then shut the door abruptly in their faces.
Since the interface connectivity plan did not account for this sort of "global" research and analysis and since the resource was inexperienced, interface installation fell sorrowfully behind.
I think all the frogs are dead," he said, sorrowfully, "the ice must have killed them.