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You were rude and saucy and"--Marilla had a saving inspiration of punishment--"you must go to her and tell her you are very sorry for your bad temper and ask her to forgive you.
He left the courtroom sarcastically sorry for Wilson.
Oh, no," said Wilson, with a sigh, "I didn't expect that, but I can't believe Luigi killed your uncle, and I feel very sorry for him.
She was cross and disappointed but not at all sorry for Colin.
Everybody is sorry for me," answered the nurse, as patiently as ever; "everybody is kind to me.
Mercy, I am sorry for you; it has come out that I took you from a Refuge; I shall lose every servant in the house; you must go.
Jo was sorry for that speech the minute it was made.
I'm sorry for that, and ought to thank him for not shaking me, I suppose.
yes, I hope you are sorry; and you will probably have reason to be long sorry for this day's transactions.
I am sorry for it, very sorry," said John; "but I must go now, or I shall lose the train.
She said: "The headline says 'I'm sorry' but the story then says I'm not sorry for getting rid of Saddam Hussein and I'm sorry for the intelligence, which clearly he wasn't responsible for.