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Lee Hee-beom, the president of the Pyeongchang Games organizing committee, is sorry for initially excluding Olympians from Iran and North Korea from the more than 4,000 participants who received $1,000 Samsung smartphones as gifts because of international sanctions.
Laura Cope Soo sorry for Mr B but thank you for letting everyone one know about this horrific disease.
I'm sorry that while I'm being too honest, Crooked Hillary is never really sorry for all her lies and illegal operations.
I'm sorry for a limitless language expressing limitless feelings, but I'm fighting for what you taught me to die for.
Addressing MPs, she said she was sorry for defending the banking industry while it crashed the economy, rigged the Libor rate and mis-sold PPI.
In a statement issued by the Miss Universe Germany Facebook page on Tuesday, it was said that she feels sorry for Wurtzbach and Miss Universe first runner-up and Colombia's bet Ariadna Gutierrez.
I was seldom truly sorry for having snapped back rudely to my mother, kicked the cat, flicked saliva-soaked paper pellets across a classroom or pulled the tempting ponytail of that nauseating lisping girl sitting in front of me.
The former Three Lions defender is sorry for telling the England physio to 'man up' and run off his dislocated and fractured ankle
24 ( ANI ): Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho has said that he feels sorry for sacked Manchester United manager David Moyes.
Sorry for saying 'you're pathetic' when I'd reduced mum to tears with my hideous histrionics, sorry for being in trouble with the police, sorry for being excluded from school, sorry for drinking alcohol from the age of 12, sorry for smoking aged 11, sorry for being an arrogant, cold, loathsome, self-centred little b**ch.
Peter Blake, 68, said he was sorry for everything he "didn't do" while Moat was growing up, which he believed had resulted in the doorman becoming a violent killer.
I feel desperately sorry for them, sorry for the lives cut short, sorry for the families whose bereavement is made worse by the controversy over why their loved ones died, sorry for the utterly unfair selection that the loss should be theirs.