sorry plight

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It was fourteen days after the passing away of the Prince Umhlangana that the great army came back in a sorry plight from the marshes of the Limpopo, for half of them were left dead of fever and the might of the foe, and the rest were starving.
On this I plucked off the gown, and he with much show of haste did begin to undo his points; but when I threw his frock down he clipped it up and ran off all untrussed, leaving me in this sorry plight.
The fiery Biscayan was the first to strike a blow, which was delivered with such force and fury that had not the sword turned in its course, that single stroke would have sufficed to put an end to the bitter struggle and to all the adventures of our knight; but that good fortune which reserved him for greater things, turned aside the sword of his adversary, so that although it smote him upon the left shoulder, it did him no more harm than to strip all that side of its armour, carrying away a great part of his helmet with half of his ear, all which with fearful ruin fell to the ground, leaving him in a sorry plight.
I had no idea that the largest city of the most enlightened country in the world was in such a sorry plight.
Here then I was got to bed without delay, and a doctor fetched, who found me in a sorry plight.
But he only laughed, in his light-hearted way, and fell to making fun of my sorry plight.
How now, good master," quoth he, "the sport you were to kick up has left you in sorry plight.
Our forces took advantage of the absence of the principal fleet of Helium on their search for the princess, and so we have been able easily to reduce the city to a sorry plight.
When the trapper returned to the camp, in such sorry plight, he was greeted with peals of laughter from his comrades and seemed more mortified by the style in which he had been dismissed, than rejoiced at escaping with his life.
Now indeed were they in a sorry plight, for should the searchers have information leading them to this room they were lost.
Oh, in the flood and floating adown with the tide," cried Robin, nor could he forbear laughing himself at his sorry plight.
The Trojans would now have been driven in sorry plight from the ships and tents back to windy Ilius, had not Polydamas presently said to Hector, "Hector, there is no persuading you to take advice.