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Conveniently, a 2003 opinion by Chief Justice Rehnquist suggests that a "substantive due process" challenge to SORs remains open.
First, both punitive damages and SORs raise concerns about adequate notice.
However, when a member provides these types of services as part of a broader PFP services engagement, the SOR will be applicable.
The full text of existing SORs is included in the PFP Library Series on CD-ROM (No.
While scholarly interpretations vary, and much about Sor Juana's final years remains mysterious or speculative, there seems to be general consensus on a number of points.
Sor Jeronima made her overland trek across Spain with five nuns and two novices.
Dentro de los muchos puntos que la mujer contemporanea y Virginia Woolf comentan durante la obra, el mas destacado es la sexualidad conventual desarrollada por Sor Juana.
This is but one of many interesting opportunities to compare sources and readings that the New Complete Works of Sor have made possible.
The second half of the book is devoted to a similar reading of the hermetically encoded figure of the Goddess in Lezama Lima (via Robert Graves), concentrating on the poem Muerte de Narciso and the novels Paradiso and Oppiano Licario, while a conclusion provides justification for the comparison between Sor Juana and Lezama Lima in terms of the subterranean continuity of the Hermetic tradition and the shared Baroque mode in which they encode that tradition.
My comparison of Sor Juana and Anne Bradstreet is part of a reinvention of the American literary genealogy, a reorienting of the predominantly Old World/New World academic axis in a North America/South America direction.
Sor Juana, as seen in Francisco Javier Estrada's study Pedagogia y Filosofia: Las pasiones de Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz (Pedagogy and Philosophy: The Passions of Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz), staunchly supported education, especially of talented women, and considered her own access to knowledge imperative in the quest for the truth for which God had intended her mighty intellect.
That reputation, of course, reprises and exceeds Sor Juana's fame in her own time.