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Originally, Barron, and Springut planned to create a sortable online directory for lawyers, kind of like a on steroids.
Our analysis of the asymptotic behaviour of the number of sortable permutations of length n, performed in the next section, relies on three conjectures, which have their own combinatorial interest.
Data is sortable by manufacturer, carrier, price band, subsidy level, sales channel and ICs.
Available online are sortable ranking tables for all topics and access to rankings for all 441 congressional districts, instead of just the top and bottom 50 for each data point in the book.
Sortable batting, pitching and fielding statistics (iPad and Android tablets)
The software libraries of jQuery UI [13] and Google Chart Tools [14] are utilized to make menus and sortable tables.
Data is now updated, available virtually, sortable, and paperless.
Hymnary also allows users to browse each of its live categories, the contents of which are displayed in sortable tables.
Searches return abstracts, sortable by title, date, or number of downloads.
With paper EOBs, there is no chance for analysis of the practice as a whole because the data is not electronic, and therefore can't be aggregated into a larger piece of sortable information.
I encourage our readers to stay tuned to our website, where we will be rolling out a section offering profiles of these 100 advisers and an interactive, sortable version of the lists.
The law requires the HHS to create a public website that is searchable and sortable, and where the data can be downloaded.