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Asked how many workers are employed inside sortation facilities like the Denver warehouse, Amazon said it's difficult to obtain precise numbers, which vary, depending on the season and location.
Faced with this new reality, the brewery had little choice but to invest in new sortation technology.
We've been a funding partner in the Closed Loop Fund for years now, that makes not just recycling infrastructure, but sortation and reprocessing infrastructure, more broadly available.
These integrated systems, which leverage the latest Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology for increased read rates based on Croatian post formats and characters, provide exceptional accuracy, document integrity and security at a rate of 230,000 items per hour, and have transformed the Croatian Post into the premium sortation hub for in-country and out-of-country postal providers.
These technologies are complemented by Hytrol's sortation offerings, the ProSort 400 Elite series high speed shoe sorter, as well as the ProSort MRT series narrow belt sorter.
An integral part of the Tire Tray System is the LS-4000CB cross-belt loop sorter, which provides high-speed sortation of cured tires.
Sortation modes can easily be modified to fit Sun-Times daily requirements.
Witt, supported by Otto Group Logistics Systems, chose to be the user of this advanced sortation technology after Witt/Otto Group and FKI Logistex spent time working closely together, determining the systems' performance requirements.
The UniSort VII combines the value of the UniSort V sliding shoe sorter with the company's high-end sortation technology.
Cross-belt sorter: Frederick, Md.-based FKI Logistex has introduced the S-3000CB cross-belt sorter, which provides accurate, high-speed transportation and sortation of items such as fragile products and hard-to-grip packages that present difficulties during traditional sortations.
The S3000CB cross-belt sorter provides accurate, high-speed transportation and sortation of items that present difficulties during traditional sorting, such as fragile products and hard-to-grip packages.