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In this case, we have an interesting use of sliding shoe sortation, carton flow and lights to get the job done--and it's an ideal solution for their specific situation.
When we walked through the facility, our system integrator told us about the pouch sortation technology he had seen in Europe.
An optional double-cart version is available to meet specific sortation requirements.
Electrostatic separation isn't ideal for separating mixtures of more than two resins, as it may require more than one pass or a combination with other approaches, like color sortation.
The Cross Belt sorter is powered by a distributed network net-work between sortation units.
BEUMER Group will supply the state-of-the-art, cross-belt sorter to provide high-speed sortation of a diverse range of parcels.
Following the 2015 holiday season, the department store operator turned to pouch sortation to expand its e-commerce fulfillment capabilities.
Providing a durable, inexpensive and accurate method of sorting a range of bar coded products, the RSU Reliable Sortation Unit sorter features tilted carrying trays traveling on an enclosed track conveyor.
Driven by the need for flexibility, speed, and maximum uptime, customers are turning to a new generation of technologies--and new ways to minimize and optimize conveyor and sortation solutions--that enable nimbleness while cutting costs.
The AMH Sorter offers maximum versatility with high speed bi-directional (left/right) 45[degrees] sortation of various products, handling items as little as 200mm square at speeds of up to 30 items per/min.
Nela's Status center will monitor the entire system from exposure to processing, vision bending and sortation.