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Lumber sorted at the sawmill was 4 m long, thus it was possible to cut three matched 0.
Take note of the distinction above about the material being color sorted.
Actually, the SPF is first sorted into P and SF with FBBS reagent, and then the SF into F and hence S with Ehrlich's reagent.
Larger items such as OCC boxes continue to be sorted and separated by people at picking stations along the conveyor belt or by a grapple operator on the tipping floor.
A quantitative basis was developed for examining under what conditions logs should be sorted at the landing or at a centralized location considering uncertainty in the log sorting procedure, both at the landing and at a centralized sort yard.
In parallel with the research work, a 30 x 40 ft facility is being built to house the LIBS equipment, piles of sorted and unsorted wood, and the conveyor belt that brings the wood past the detection system.
Commingled C&D loads at Florida Wood Recycling are inspected upon arrival, and the wood is then sorted out using a picking line.
Commingled municipal solid waste (MSW) is sorted in a labor-intensive manual step or, more commonly, is simply landfilled.
Geologists have known about these so-called sorted circles for over a century.