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The China Currency Sorter Industry Report, 2015 market research says development of currency sorter is now pacing up in China, with about 15%-20% of bank outlets having installed currency sorters as a whole.
Drawing on leading edge vision technology, the new optical sorter is located as a standalone machine.
The Hytrol SC sorter can run at speeds as fast as 300 feet per minute.
Some university plant breeders rely on the sorter to discern and discard spotty peas or to reject wheat kernels that show discoloration associated with Fusarium head blight, a costly disease of wheat and barley.
The sorter is also skilled at separating yellow from brown flax and barley from durum wheat.
The new sorters incorporate Key Technology's built-in sorting intelligence to separate product into three streams based on a combination of product-specific attributes.
Summary: A topsy-turvy growing season, which zigzagged from drought to hail to heat wave, produced a distressingly mixed crop in Bordeaux this year -- but gave optical grape sorters a chance to shine.
Our problem, however, was that we didn't have the space to install an ADR on the reject stream of a sorter," noted Ole Solberg, Assistant Technical Manager at Hoff's Gjovik plant.
Logan Teleflex has won a major contract from Siemens to supply two Tilt Tray Sorters (TTS) at Central China's Wuhan Tianhe Airport's new terminal.
The Bollegraaf-engineered system includes a drumfeeder, Lubo screens and a TiTech optical sorter.
At the Organized Living Store, Borneo's hanging mail sorter with three pockets is $60.
The new sperm sorter boosts the percentage of mobile sperm from an average of 44 percent in a semen sample to 98 percent in fluid removed from the device, report Gary D.