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Key Technology introduces the G6 Upgrade Program for select non-Key brand sorters.
Patty Munns, Senior Vice President of SECU Facilities Services states, "Normally when coin sorters are available to consumers, a fee is charged for the service.
Today, a variety of automated sorters are available, from basic pushers and diverters that sort fewer than 30 cartons per minute to sophisticated high-speed sorters that handle upwards of 300 items or cartons per minute.
As the first wide-belt laser sorter to maintain the high resolution of the finest narrow-belt laser sorters, Optyx 6000 Raptor sets a new standard.
Key Technology expands its VERYX family of digital sorters with the introduction of the VERYX B140, a medium-capacity belt-fed sorter.
Conveyor and sortation offerings As facilities embrace the future of e-commerce purchasing, as well as the continuous evolution of supply chain and fulfillment methodology, our experts say that most companies today are purchasing, assessing or restoring the following types of conveyors and sorters: 24-volt powered conveyors, crossbelt sorters, narrow belt sorters and pouch sorters.
ReportBuyer said according to a 2015 industry report, the development of currency sorter is now pacing up in China, with about 15-20 percent of bank outlets having installed currency sorters.
A line of robust crossbelt sorters operates on a mostly mechanical basis, keeping electronic components to a minimum.
Cook explains that the Hytrol ProSort SC is a completely different design than the poorly designed sorters.
This patented, advanced software-driven intelligence enables sorters to grade by count, accepting or rejecting each defective piece to control the quality of output to a defined grade, as defined by the processor.
To meet the needs of the high velocity world of e-commerce, conveyors and sorters must be a smart, fast, and efficient component of a production or order fulfillment engine.
Contract notice: Provision, maintenance and associated banknote counters and coin sorters for teaching services la poste.