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Moscow, SANA-A military source said on Thursday that the Russian air force, in cooperation with Syrian air forces, carried out one hundred and sixty sorties that destroyed 344 targets for the Islamic state (ISIS) terrorist organization, including 59 command-center, 41 depots, 17 fortified sites and 74 training camps.
The statement added that the coalition aircraft carried out 13 sorties in the areas (Ramadi - Afar - Sinjar - Sharqat) killed dozens of terrorists and destroyed two sniper sites, two heavy machine guns and two light weapons, and another 13 positions to the enemy and a mortar position .
The Russian Defense Ministry announced on Wednesday that Russia's fighter jets had carried out 71 sorties and hit 118 terrorist targets in Syria's provinces of Idlib, Homs, Hama, Aleppo, Damascus and Lattakia on Tuesday.
Al-Jbour assured in a briefing at King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Center that the sorties, undertaken in coordination with coalition troops, were precise and hit targets away from any civilians compounds.
Mais le constat qui frappe cette annee est le rythme tres reduit des sorties marocaines.
On 14th March, Indian Air Force (IAF) airlifted 695 passengers from Leh and Kargil to Jammu and Srinagar and also conveyed exclusive sorties of IL 76 cargo aircraft for airlifting the civilians.
Based at Gioia del Colle in Southern Italy, they played a key role in the 3,000 UK sorties, more than 2,100 of which were strike attacks on around 640 targets.
On Adlertag (Eagle Day), the Luftwaffe attacks Essex, Kent, Sussex and Hampshire, flying 1,485 sorties.
So to recognize 16,000 sorties is phenomenal," he said.
The IAF has deployed 13 helicopters, including five MI-8 and eight Chetaks in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, which have already carried out 17 sorties.
Bold Avenger 09 will see aircraft from different countries carrying out low flying sorties over Northern England, including the RAF Spadeadam electronic warfare range, on September 22 and 23.
The fledging air power has proven its effectiveness through the execution of combat missions in Basrah, Mosul and Sadr City, and the year-to-date tally marks for aircraft sorties broke 5,000 last June.