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This contract is for the design and execution of works to modernize the sorting center altriane selective collection, and for the operation and maintenance of the sorting center.
Basically, automated sorting technology processes information with a computer and sorts materials with pneumatic air knives.
Together we have been able to further develop the ZRR system in a demanding heavy-waste sorting environment.
Sort-to-Grade allows the sorter to control the quality of its output to a defined grade, objectively sorting by count in real-time with 100 percent inspection.
TOMRA Sorting AS, a subsidiary of Norway's Tomra Systems ASA and a pioneer in sensor-based sorting, acquired Ireland's Odenberg last year, and Belgium's BEST Sorting this past June.
The potential of card sorting for both cartographic research and practice is substantial.
Companies looking for trends, efficiencies and other competitive advantages have turned to the kind of heavy duty data sorting that requires the hardware muscle typical of data centres.
Lumber sorting before drying is a very common practice in the lumber manufacturing industry, since it creates groups of lumber with similar "dry-ability" characteristics.
Redwave is a leader in optical material sorting technology, specializing in the optical separation of glass, paper/fiber and plastics.
and often recommends its Taper-Slot screen to help both classify by both size and density as well as moving along mixed C&D materials at the front end of a sorting system.
BURBANK -- Santa Claus, with his red-suited girth smashed flat, rolls down the sorting line amid bottles, cans, paper and junk.
The 25-member team, comprised of brokers and staff from Studley's Midtown New York and New Jersey offices in Iselin and Rochelle Park, made sorting history on January 11th from 3 p.