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The SORTEX product range for use in the grain sorting process has a modular design.
He concluded, "From May until June this year, we have been working together with Yantai Chaoyang Fruit and Vegetables to install the sorting machine in a model factory, and to test it.
Optical food sorting system manufacturer Tomra Sorting Food has reached an important milestone in its history.
As we move deeper into the end-of-life pile of plastics, optical sorting technologies will continue be the key to driving forward in recycling.
The sorting strategy consisted of rejecting all of the lumber with NMI > 75 percent, and then dividing the remaining lumber into three sorts referred to as low (L), medium (M), and high (H).
Our farmers were interested in discussing those buyers' requirements and how to make best advantage of sorting lambs to meet different buyers' specifications.
Under current conditions, inadequate sorting leads to wasted energy from transporting out-of-spec materials (non-fiber and wrong fiber) to the paper mill and eventually to the landfill.
Simple sorting and classification are fundamental concepts that help children to organize their thinking about the real world (Reys, 1995).
This test run, reported in the March 2003 issue of Bioinformatics, showed that KL clustering performed better at sorting microarray data than the standard method of hierarchical clustering, which uses a different algorithm to measure the similarity of genes.
The not-so-good news is that there is a new source of waste products which has emerged just as the sorting efforts have succeeded.
Anatomical microscopic identification can support chemical sorting to provide a more accurate method
Post Office is giving discounts to companies that do some preliminary sorting of their mail and are faithful to the Zip + 4" creed the Post Office has been campaigning for during the last several years.