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The book is divided into 10 chapters beginning in Chapter 1 with an overview description of the rhythm, feel and groove of R & B soul music starting with the 1950s through the 1990s.
Donnell Isaac is a soul music singer and recording artist.
To boot, he ran his "bus trips" first to Liverpool, with the Mersey Sound, and then to the Twisted Wheel in Manchester, when the soul music became the "in thing.
Sharon is back fighting too - there's determination in her to get people to recognise the soul music she makes is far from a rehash of bygone times.
And notwithstanding, it explores the motives of the artists and the songs they wrote and performed to argue that soul music lends itself perfectly to the cause of a fight for freedom as the Lumpen's live shows were high energy, call-and-response interplays between lead singer and a chorus that invited audience interaction as the music of the streets blended with the political ideology of the Black Panther Party.
Soul Legend Wilson Pickett said: "You are the Guys keeping soul music alive" and actor Dan Ackroyd described their performance as "the best soul review I have ever seen or heard".
The long-player draws heavily on Sixties soul music for inspiration and soul music shows occasional psychedelic genius on tracks such as Cherry Blossom.
Terry Sprott had known victim Kevin Johnson since 1977, both men having attended various soul music events over the years.
Singer-songwriter Jonny Craig attacks soul music with a ferocity uncommon in the genre today.
BE KIND REWIND: Neville's style harks back to the R&B and soul music of the '50s and '60s (Photo: GETTY IMAGES)
Foot-tapping soul music, fabulous frocks and an emotional punch: don't miss this film, writes Anni Cameron.
Nevertheless, I was delighted to discover they haven't lost their appeal doing what they do best - performing raw soul music extremely well.