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But after all those talks and all that soul-searching, we decided to go with Jacob and see what he can do in that No.
We've done some soul-searching this week, some rigorous self-examination.
Cerulean describes the elusive species in great detail while, in autobiographical, soul-searching style, trying to reconcile the fact that she is part of the human race, whose actions have altered the landscape and inevitably threaten the survival of this species.
You might take some unexpected job-related journeys, but the truly rewarding exploration involves soul-searching, discovering your innermost desires and hidden agendas.
Rather than revealing a private heart of darkness, Gilbert & George's self-induced transmogrifications seem more comic, or sci-fi-inspired, than soul-searching.
The People Gay 2"--so-named because it reprises the theme of our Spring 2000 Issue--comes at a time of much soul-searching in the GLBT community.
The article has helped me articulate what I have felt for some time and hope that America is soul-searching and understands that there is more "nuance" to the present conflicts than Bernard Lewis, Samuel Huntington, Charles Krauthammer, and others would have us believe.
This collection of 24 scripturally sound, dynamic, soul-searching and inspiring sermons written by some of the most dynamic preachers of today (who happen to be women) takes the thoughtful reader to a higher level in his/her search for a personal and complete relationship with God.
When she becomes famous for her disorganized room, in defiance to what her mother feels is best, it sets the stage for a difficult conflict and some soul-searching questions.
Share the author's soul-searching, struggles, sacrifices, and self-giving love as she finds the way to transform the burdens of motherhood into the joyful vocation it was meant to be.
We have used up our credulity about enforcement, idealism, soul-searching, and most of the other bromides that go with reform.
The brothers related how years of soul-searching and prayer led them to this spiritual life of community.