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If there's been any soul-searching in Gaydom in recent years, it's been about how assimilated we've become, how respectable with our mortgages and progeny, how far removed from our "sexual outlaw" past.
Share the author's soul-searching, struggles, sacrifices, and self-giving love as she finds the way to transform the burdens of motherhood into the joyful vocation it was meant to be.
We have used up our credulity about enforcement, idealism, soul-searching, and most of the other bromides that go with reform.
The brothers related how years of soul-searching and prayer led them to this spiritual life of community.
To share these soul-searching conversations with an American audience, he originally wrote descriptive accounts of the interlocutors and their experiences before and after 1989.
Mediocrity and cliche dominate the self-help genre, which has become a can't-miss category in the soul-searching, post-Sept.
It is that quiet and soul-searching hour after taps when a camper sits on the edge of his cot, unties his shoes, and places them gently by his bed.
After a bit of soul-searching, Jean took another approach.
and other soul-searching questions within seconds of opening this 'zine.
Cue highly erotic sex scenes and much soul-searching, until her husband (Bruce Dern) returns home.
The announcement of Archbishop of Canterbury George Carey's retirement next fall has spawned a swirl of soul-searching in Britain over how the next man will be chosen and kept British bookies and editorial writers busy speculating over who is likely to succeed him.
After considerable soul-searching, Garibay opted to leave the GSUSA.