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Maqbool Sabri along with his brother, the late Ghulam Farid Sabri, formed a formidable qawwali group in the mid-50s and became known for their soul-stirring renditions of arifana kalam (mystic poetry).
Live from the Statue of Liberty was a 'dazzling, soul-stirring salute' to the 125th anniversary of the Statue of Liberty.
It was soul-stirring, silly, outrageous, simple and a lot of fun - everything the Everyman achieves when it is at its very best.
He established the Krishna Mutt -- it's the only temple in the country where the deity faces the back, and there's a soul-stirring story that explains this oddity.
Mind you, the rewards are more abundant when Vasquez has something to shout about, as on the soul-stirring anthem AoBushwick BluesAo, or when heAAEs busy unfurling a long narrative based on real events (the closing AoBallad of VitalyAo).
Despite its arthouse trappings, A Prophet delivers more 'wow' moments - particularly a gunfight in the back of a 4x4 - than most Hollywood actioners, resulting in an emotionally draining but soul-stirring classic.
Drawing to a soul-stirring finale, Beverley told the audience she was delighted with the level of support she receives from her fans in the North East.
Norful's voice is smooth, silky, and sincere, as he sings his beliefs with soul-stirring conviction.
Wetherell's soul-stirring prose is not simply a journey of self discovery--it's a tribute to the American experience, and the landcape that makes it possible.
30pm Featuring a mix of soulful music and soul-stirring poetry Friday: Nuit d'Afrique - Arc, Stockton, 7.
The concert by Rajesh Vaidhya and his team won the applause of music lovers in the capital city as he rendered soul-stirring numbers.
France's La Marseillaise and the Italians' L'Inno di Mameli are the perfect type of soul-stirring songs needed to fire you up for battle.