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One critic said of tenor saxophonist, Don Weller: "He imitates nobody yet swings as hard and plays as soulfully, inventively and, if necessary, as devastatingly fast as any American icon could.
Paul was last with the Royal Shakespeare Company in 2012 playing a soulfully witty Benedick opposite Meera Syal's Beatrice in Iqbal Khan's glorious Much Ado About Nothing set in the Punjab.
There are a fortunate few of us who still soulfully shop on the sentimental side of the street.
He fluttered his eyebrows, gazed soulfully into the distance and wrung his hands in ubiquitous contrition which had "bad ham" written all over it.
Their sound is at once soulfully melodic, harmonically diverse and highly danceable," the release says.
The video clip starts out with little Ryan Gosling soulfully belting out the lyrics to the Percy Sledge classic (http://www.
There's some huge synth dance cuts such as Don't Wanna Go Home with its massive sampled hookline from, er, The Banana Boat Song while the next minute he's slipping into something more soulfully comfortable in the form of the kind of ballad Lionel Richie could have penned 30 years ago.
Biophilia is a thrilling record, an artist not just at the peak of her vocal power and knowledge, but rapturously and soulfully engaged with life and the still beautiful possibilities music offers in a benighted age.
Stake Land (15) Bleak and bloody, soulfully melancholic apocalyptic coming of age road movie horror, as a young teen and grizzled vampire hunter head across a devastated America, picking up and losing companions en route as they battle the undead and the even more dangerous fundamentalist Brotherhood.
Sugar Buzz is soulfully horny and she closes by gathering the band in for a hoedown-style rendition of Pay Dirt.
Plan B has always been singing soulfully, even though his first album was ravey and aggressive, you could see there were little shades of Motown, whereas on my first album there weren't any hints that I was going to move into electro or dance.
Dubai When Matt Toogood saw a lion cub gazing soulfully out of a photo on the front page of Gulf News yesterday, his first reaction was: "It's so cute.