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And if we listen to the music contemplatively, even soulfully we ought to hear echoes of slaves who gathered in Congo Square every Sunday to find life and respite.
Backed up by the incomparable Roots, Duffy makes mincemeat out of her insecure and jealous boyfriend as she soulfully shrugs him off with the snappy retort, "Well, well, well.
Surprisingly, of all of the compositions on this CD I most enjoyed One of the Missing (for those lott in Iraq), soulfully performed by John Mueller on euphonium.
Take, for example, the song 'O mere lal aaja', a lovely Naushad composition, sung soulfully by Lata Mangeshkar and filmed on Nargis showed the sheer helplessness of a woman in that highly electrifying sequence in Mother India.
ItAAEs really hard not to oblige if you have a Katrina Kaif, Arjun Rampal or Ranbir Kapoor gazing at you soulfully and egging you on.
Plan B has always been singing soulfully, even though his first album was ravey and aggressive, you could see there were little shades of Motown, whereas on my first album there weren't any hints that I was going to move into electro or dance.
USHERED IN With his soulfully sweet covers of their songs, Justin wowed Usher and Justin Timberlake, both of whom wanted to sign him to their record labels.
I've got a girl', has a very catchy beat which blends the northern twang through the guitar and soulfully creates a southern Creole touch that brings out every instrument that is being played in this song.
Even the elevator rides with an eccentric centuriat operator have their soulfully funny moments.
My guess is that despite the homoerotic embellishment, he'd have found, like me, that the real heat was right where it belonged: between his melodiously murderous heroine and her soulfully songful son.
In addition to serving up luscious portions of luminous chamber pop, Sexsmith takes a country detour for the jaunty "Poor Helpless Dreams" and wails soulfully on "Brandy Alexander," cowritten with Feist.
AUSTIN -- "Now we're getting somewhere," said Van Morrison as he and his band settled into a soulfully bluesy groove midway through his performance at Austin Texas' La Zona Rosa club last week, kicking off the start of the 2008 edition of South by Southwest Music Festival.