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The Cathedral is a vast soulless cavern internally and a blot on the landscape externally.
Maybe the day will come when a franchised wrecking crew called the Blues Brothers will tour the country, demolishing those soulless malls.
GOING GREEN Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern in a film which is slick but soulless
Maybe this way we can keep the atmosphere at games instead of the soulless bowls we see so often.
The source added: "Then he looked into those soulless black eyes and wisely cast it out.
It would seem that the soulless social climbers moving into the Bay area take precedent over the cultural and creative development of Cardiff as a city.
Technically, it's all highly proficient as the virtuoso rockers hit all the right notes, but there's something soulless about the exercise.
Tolkien included this belief in the concluding chapters of The Lord of the Rings, when the Shire is at the mercy of 'gatherers' and 'sharers,' ruined by soulless new building and industrial blight.
In fact, we often use the word soul in the opposite sense, referring to big, soulless institutions or how companies can be soul-destroying places.