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The Undead and Philosophy: Chicken Soup for the Soulless is a recommended pick for both philosophy and general reading sections: it blends popular culture with philosophy--something rarely seen in a genre which tends to rehash interpretations of old-time philosophers--and here also blends in a dose of fantasy in its survey of the idea of the Undead and its underlying messages of morality, ethics, and philosophy.
This survey of seven years of work was brimful with caricatures of George Stubbs-like horses, spineless modern architecture, birds that are nothing special, brigantines in fair weather, soulless families, and jazz trios in crew cuts and plaid jackets.
Long an eerie theme in popular science fiction, the integration of humans with machines has often been presented as a harbinger of a soulless future, populated with flesh-and-metal cyborgs like RoboCops and Terminators.
On paper, the brief has the potential to be a soulless and disorientating institution, but Moneo's strategy is to break down the building into a series of smaller and more manageable units each arranged around a courtyard.
Michael is a terrific beleaguered hero who wants his pre-house visit life especially his endearing wife back; Jillian is fantastic as she transforms from a friendly caring person into a cynical soulless individual as the child who became the adult was erased from her memory.
The influential Pauline Kael once criticized Silence of the Lambs for being technically proficient but soulless.
The church says that people are not the soulless tools and receptacles of market interests, but that the free market is an agent for the betterment of people, who are personally responsible for shaping it in such a way that it esteems human dignity and protects the sanctity of life.
Sadly, one suspects that worthless, soulless, disposable frog-spawn is precisely what some of the world's most highly educated scientisis think they're dealing with as they tinker and experiment in the field of human reproduction.
Clarke yearned to experience something beyond a soulless Western contemporary society and he found he could explore his spirit through the power of dreams.
Where Kunstler veers off the road, however, is in pushing a snooty aesthetic determinism that will free us from the tyranny of soulless suburbia and dead architecture.
In 1989's Heathers, Christian Slater and Winona Ryder seemed cool and sexy as they murdered the soulless bitches who ruled over their hideously conformist high school.
The attractive packaging seduces (hint: Those shiftless muscle boys on the cover aren't the ones making the music), but the soulless thumping drone inside just assaults.