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Despite being forced into the straitjacket of an unimaginative masterplan which had already imposed a monotonous column grid across the site, and despite being surrounded by soulless and box-like neighbours, the Behnisch office won the design competition with what became a remarkably lively and friendly building.
But as a live outfit in the all-seated SECC, Crowded House made for a soulless experience.
I remember it as one of the most noisy, dirty and soulless addresses in London.
Apart from a thrilling car chase and a dizzy finale on the Eiffel Tower, there's an uninspired, soulless sheen over the whole escapade.
The Russian champions are not one of the best supported teams in the capital and their stadium is a soulless arena.
The people who did this are obviously soulless and cowardly.
The 84-year-old Pontiff said the US Catholic Church must study contemporary culture to find a way to appeal to young people if a "soulless vision of life" was to be avoided.
Wild child Amy's gig at Glasgow's Carling Academy was a soulless affair.
He compares the city to Moscow and tells readers it is "sterile and soulless".
Tracy Kellett, of BDI Property Search, said: "You can spot a house-doctored house a mile off and most clients now think they look sterile and soulless."
The 73-year-old, the last Disney on the board, also said chairman Michael Eisner was responsible for the public perceiving Disney as "rapacious, soulless and always looking for the 'quick buck'."
FOR too long the city of Dundee has been the butt of Scottish humour, derided as a poverty-ridden, soulless dump.