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There was something about Heydrich, some quality of soullessness and calculating cruelty, that even his fellow Nazis found frightening.
To others, they are symbols of crime, soullessness and depressing solitude.
it satirizes his youthful need to imitate rather than innovate; his inexperience of the forms and terms of poetry; and his competitiveness with others of his generation, but mostly Woolf laughs at the soullessness of his composition; rather than the poem being a work of art, she represents Julian as a thoughtless and immature blunderer in the world of words.
He knows the worst about American soullessness, yet offers hope that the most far-gone sufferers, among whom he numbers many who pass for normal, can recover their souls.
There are times I wonder if maybe my discontent with the soullessness of some parts of the world is because I was just born in a semi-permanent bad mood .
Falsely secure that it is, Crane over-blows rhetoric on the "army of evil," and the soullessness he discerns in the eyes of the accused.
The atmosphere, pacing, and vapidity seem to me to reflect so much of the soullessness of the "Facebook Generation.
Modern Oriental Perfect for: A city slicker who likes the modern life, but doesn't want to risk the soullessness of sheer minimalism.
They were the symbol of modern soullessness and rootlessness.
It is the avarice, weakness, cupidity, fratricidal hatred, cowardice and soullessness of his race that have condemned them and their civilization to self-destruction.
This classic comment on the rampant materialism and soullessness of 1980s Manhattan is especially relevant in the wake of our present-day economic struggles.