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Similarly, if you were able to step back from the universe and just listen, you would hear the collective sound of the universe, and that sound is Aura.
The sound of a golf ball dropping on a cement driveway
They can tell where the bug is by listening to the difference in the sound at the left and right ears," says Cindy Moss, a psychologist at the University of Maryland in College Park.
Note the sound that you hear: How does it compare with the sounds you heard when you tapped the larger soda bottle?
But, a third strategy, surely the most widespread and significant, has come to prominence in a spate of recent shows presenting sound under the banner of "synaesthesia," an aesthetic appropriation of the neurological condition in which stimulation of one sensory modality triggers involuntary sensation in another.
Working with the major aircraft engine manufacturers, NASA has been able to reduce the former sound by designing engines with larger fans.
That's not sound as humans know it, so Whittle shifted the entire cosmic production up into the audible range.
Decoding is taught through explicit phonics method that stresses letter sound correspondences and blending.
We set out to re-create the spirit and sound of the original recordings as much as possible.
Pollution control, growth management, land preservation, and new forestry techniques give the Puget Sound basin a fighting chance.
A growing number of studies reveal that the sound waves produced by gunshots may not always be detected by body-worn transmitters or audio recorders.
Dolby technologies power the sound of high-definition today and are engineered to deliver on the promise of digital entertainment tomorrow.