sound judgment

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But unless they recognize their past mistakes, there is little hope that they can provide the sound judgment and leadership that the country needs to dig out of this desperate mess.
When you build measurement opportunities into communication programming, you develop a foundation for sound judgment, compelling justification and convincing data that will help you develop the appropriate strategies to avoid obstacles and barriers.
Banks can become comfortable with the challenges a company may face in production, distribution or marketing if they have faith that the people running the show have the experience, expertise and sound judgment required to deal with any problems that might come along.
As chairman of the BBC regional advisory council, he brought advice based on sound judgment to the BBC and it offered the Church, through him, avenues to bring their message to a wider range of people'.
Wishful thinking can sometimes cloud sound judgment.
The other clear lesson: All the companies that won high marks for business acumen showed sound judgment on environmental and social activities, too.
During his more than fourteen years on the Board, I have valued his sound judgment, hard work and, above all, his friendship," Chairman Alan Greenspan said.
We have to use sound judgment to ensure DSC's effective use of commercial freight services in CONUS," Bernard said.
It is important then that the council makes its decisions openly, impartially, with sound judgment and for justifiable reasons.
Eisenhower was less articulate than a number of his aides, but in the end he was the one who resolved contentious issues, not just because he was president but also because his aides respected him for his sound judgment.
A Hokuriku Electric spokesman welcomed Wednesday's ruling, saying the high court made a sound judgment based on facts surrounding the case.
Habibie the ADB has been providing, and will continue to provide, assistance to Indonesia based on rigorous professional analysis and sound judgment and that the ADB will focus on areas that will be of long-term benefit to Indonesia and the Indonesian people,'' ADB President Tadao Chino said after meeting Habibie in Jakarta.