sound judgment

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But unless they recognize their past mistakes, there is little hope that they can provide the sound judgment and leadership that the country needs to dig out of this desperate mess.
That "expert opinion" is often based more on the expert's overconfidence than on sound judgment is illustrated by the otherwise brilliant British mathematician and physicist Lord Kelvin.
In business, as in art and science, effective simplicity is the product of careful thought, sound judgment and thorough planning.
Personnel constraints and sound judgment dictate that investigators prioritize leads and pursue those with the most potential first.
But he added, in a later note, that he felt Sinclair's Lanny Budd novels would ``contribute to the development of sound judgment about the political forces in our time,'' and praised Sinclair's ``courageous and unselfish fight for reason and human decency.
Les is a highly respected, experienced and successful figure with a reputation for sound judgment and analytical thinking.
The editorial staff defended this issue as addressing "the 'war on terror' from the standpoint of sound judgment and humanistic justice.
Executive Director and co-founder of Project Ploughshares, Ernie Regehr is known for his sound judgment, balanced views and integrity.
When you build measurement opportunities into communication programming, you develop a foundation for sound judgment, compelling justification and convincing data that will help you develop the appropriate strategies to avoid obstacles and barriers.
Banks can become comfortable with the challenges a company may face in production, distribution or marketing if they have faith that the people running the show have the experience, expertise and sound judgment required to deal with any problems that might come along.
As chairman of the BBC regional advisory council, he brought advice based on sound judgment to the BBC and it offered the Church, through him, avenues to bring their message to a wider range of people'.