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Have you noticed how politicians often sound off about "Canadian values?" Even educators and church leaders sometimes resort to this terminology.
This should be the goal when we approach others to sound off, says Loren Ekroth, a Las Vegas-based business communications consultant (
My advice to Central Trains - keep the screens to give us better visual information about delays etc or even to promote your services but switch the sound off.
YOUNG DANCER is where dancers ages 8 to 14 can sound off, see and read about people their own age, find solutions to problems uniquely theirs--and be inspired by stars who are already making it in dance.
Voters Sound Off on Which Health Care Issue Is Most Important
As soon as Waddell comes on I switch the sound off. It spoils the action but I cannot abide his utter twaddle, most of which I can't even understand.
While the latter two can potentially be used for all sorts of harmless purposes, they argue--like skipping ahead on a home video or turning the sound off on a show to answer the phone--the ReplayTV technology exists only to block commercials.
But the Russian Ministry of Education recently opened up an official site for students to sound off about school problems, the Christian Science Monitor reports.
"It's a great way-for VFW members to sound off to their legislators and an excellent opportunity to play a large role in the legislative process."
To make sure that their needs are met, members in industry are asked to attend Sound Off! 2001.