sound perception

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One report has suggested that hearing aids may inhibit the brain's attempt to amplify sound perceptions and thus diminish tinnitus.
Electrical activity in the auditory cortex changed markedly as the kittens' sound perception improved.
By the end of the study, kittens exhibited auditory-cortex responses that signal complex sound perception.
The company has developed 20 different algorithms for enhancing audio and sound perception.
The findings add to previous work by the same researchers demonstrating that tone-deaf people could not consciously hear their own singing, and work by other researchers indicating abnormalities in brain regions that affect sound perception and production.
He also predicts that the finding will not settle the debate over the motor theory of sound perception, which holds that nerves controlling speech movement also respond to sound and help the brain interpret speech.
DigiFocus II Super Power provides the following features: 100% digital technology, new dedicated speech rationale, a new Sound Perception Management concept, and full DAI and FM compatibility.
With training, people can improve on such sound perceptions, but some basic acoustic skills respond far more than others do, a new study suggests.