sound perception

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Sound perception as reflected by SRT values improved to a similar degree in the two groups.
One report has suggested that hearing aids may inhibit the brain's attempt to amplify sound perceptions and thus diminish tinnitus.
They continue: "Although cochlear implants do not restore sound perception as experienced by an individual with normal hearing, the implant provides the user with auditory feedback in the domains of timing, intensity and frequency of sound.
An audiogram confirmed that the man had a profound bilateral hearing loss and no sound perception.
Deaf kittens given the chance to hear by using ear implants display marked alterations of electrical activity in the auditory cortex, a brain region devoted to sound perception, the researchers say.
Electrical activity in the auditory cortex changed markedly as the kittens' sound perception improved.
The findings add to previous work by the same researchers demonstrating that tone-deaf people could not consciously hear their own singing, and work by other researchers indicating abnormalities in brain regions that affect sound perception and production.
He also predicts that the finding will not settle the debate over the motor theory of sound perception, which holds that nerves controlling speech movement also respond to sound and help the brain interpret speech.
With training, people can improve on such sound perceptions, but some basic acoustic skills respond far more than others do, a new study suggests.