sound sense

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It excited fresh pity in those who had heard him to see a man of apparently sound sense, and with rational views on every subject he discussed, so hopelessly wanting in all, when his wretched unlucky chivalry was in question.
You see, a man of sound sense ought not to spend his life jumping from a steamer upon a railway train, and from a railway train upon a steamer again, pretending to make the tour of the world in eighty days
The same sound sense appeared in the transactions of his private life.
Krempe a great deal of sound sense and real information, combined, it is true, with a repulsive physiognomy and manners, but not on that account the less valuable.
Planchet was in truth no vulgar companion in these new adventures; he was a man of uncommonly sound sense.
Sometimes, sound sense makes a hopeful woman of me.
He was taking his holiday in the theatrical way, in which there was much sound sense, which characterised him.
Monseigneur," he resumed, after a moment's reflection, "I admire the firm, sound sense which dictates your words; I am happy to have discovered my monarch's mind.
Jinnah advised students to develop a sound sense of discipline, character, initiative and a solid academic background and devote wholeheartedly towards studies.
Nasir advised students to focus on acquiring education and a sound sense of discipline so as to live up to the legacy of their forefathers.
Against this backdrop, it makes sound sense for IT firms to safeguard their business by taking time to upskill and retain their current workforce.
It's not the only sound sense Carragher has come out with recently.