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It creates a relatively flat sound spectrum and is used to determine the room attenuation in each octave band.
Svertiniai garso slegio lygiai vertinami pagal triuksmo lygi, tai A--triuksmo lygis mazesnis negu 55 dB, B--nuo 55 iki 85 dB, C--daugiau kaip 85 dB, o D--dideliems triuksmo lygiams (Single Value Representation of Sound Spectrum 2012) nustatyti.
Instead of devising works based on chordal sequences or tone rows, composers, often influenced by electro-acoustic technology, chose to create works based on the development of a sound spectrum, working with harmonic spectra.
"The cochlea quickly gets the big picture of what's going on in the sound spectrum. The more I started to look at the ear, the more I realised it's like a super radio with 3,500 parallel channels."
co.uk Engineered to the highest standard, these unassuming earphones are right at the top end of the in-ear sound spectrum - they've even got they're own woofer and tweeter squeezed in.
That era was part of a postwar "audio revolution" that marked a technical divide between partial and full sound spectrum recording and reproduction.
The disks are also exceptional in their sound quality; the gramophone records of the time were already capable of recording a wide sound spectrum and unlike the cylinders the recording is stable.
While a few might take a stab at this type of range, BVS is able to have success from every side of the sound spectrum without over-reaching or sounding forced.
I became far more aware of which parts of the sound spectrum are physical--how you feel the shockwave of the otherwise absent sound hit your body and resonate in your internal organs.
The twenty-first century requires sound spectrum management on both
Upper and lower frequencies of the sound spectrum were practically nonexistent.
"file calculated insertion loss across the sound spectrum for typical inlet and outlet silencers are shown below.