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The archive contains comparatively few voice documents from the era of partial sound spectrum recording.
process remains an important key to sound spectrum management.
Upper and lower frequencies of the sound spectrum were practically nonexistent.
file calculated insertion loss across the sound spectrum for typical inlet and outlet silencers are shown below.
The resulting graph is called the sound spectrum, and it usually gives a clearer picture of the situation.
Hall stated that sound spectrum analysis was still continuing but that so far `no sounds have been detected that would be consistent with mechanical failures or an explosion.
Now there's a SoundMan solution that allows any PC user to enjoy the full sound spectrum.
With the latest piezoelectric transducers and analytical instruments, this sound spectrum can be broken into several characteristic frequency bands keyed to specific grinding phenomena.
The role of the microphone in touchless gesturing solutions is key because microphones extend coverage from the sound spectrum (0-20kHz) to the ultrasound spectrum (above 20kHz).
Creating educational and training programmes on mobile regulation to foster socio-economic development, expand financial inclusion through mobile money services and ensure sound spectrum management;