sound stewardship

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This preceding quote forms the cornerstone one must consider when deriving operational measures to facilitate reasonable assurance and sound stewardship.
Improving conservation methods will provide new opportunities for the Colorado State Board of Land Commissioners to fulfill its dual mission of producing reasonable and consistent income and providing sound stewardship for trust beneficiaries," said Tobin Follenweider, the deputy director of the Colorado State Board of Land Commissioners.
This can be helpful for encouraging the sound stewardship of inherited wealth.
Among my responsibilities is to promote public health and sound stewardship of county tax dollars; implementation of the ACA does both.
The targets consist of recognition of a safety net of emergency relief based on sound stewardship of natural resources and self-help at diverse governance levels as well as coordination of drought programmes and response in an effective, efficient and customer-oriented manner.
I am pleased that we were able to achieve our principal goal, which was to protect the US economy from the potentially devastating effects of AIG's failure, while demonstrating sound stewardship of taxpayer interests.
He has referred to the payments as Christian charity and sound stewardship because it would have cost the church far more money if the priest had not left voluntarily.
The MNS resolution states in part, "There is a moral, cultural and spiritual responsibility that exists in Aboriginal communities to provide sound stewardship of the land, water and the air quality of the traditional territories of all Aboriginal people.
None of these things is possible without prudent financial management and sound stewardship.
That's not good sound stewardship over the taxpayers' money.
They are accomplishing this through the use of technology, sound stewardship and management practices and a continued commitment to feeding and fueling the world.