sound thinking

See: pragmatism
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Many companies and sell-side analysts came up with creative new approaches to valuing businesses, sometimes based on sound thinking about the future but more frequently based on dubious theories that ignored basic economic realities.
This sound thinking for many years was augmented by the fact that landlords did not provide the flexibility data center operators need.
SOUND THINKING The progressive Sound Investment did it the hard way at Newbury
He owned and operated the Sound Thinking Associates Recording Studio and toured with many bands.
Let us also base policy on sound thinking rather than the headlinegrabbing sound-bites beloved of politicians.
However, if we do not receive it, welcome it or allow it a place of residence within the confines of our existence, it becomes a dissipating vapor or clamor that gets muted and negated by the solidity of sound thinking and emotional buoyancy.
However, although logic cannot be ignored, it never represents fairness or grace, but is a system or method of reasoning and sound thinking, deriving its strength from mental muscle, or 'intellectual power'.
Charles Thayer offers some sound thinking on not "kicking the can" about the decision to resign, both by the individual himself or herself and by one's fellow board members (page 18).
The relationship between IC and sound thinking remains unclear.
Meanwhile, Syria's signing off on the Arab League protocol prompted President Michel Sleiman to remark that the move reflected the sound thinking behind Beirut's earlier positions in the Arab League and the United Nations Security Council in support of an agreed-upon road map out of the crisis -- instead of either demanding the fall of the regime or supporting Damascus' accusation that only foreign parties were behind the unrest.