sound understanding

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You consider the matter," said Elinor, "exactly as a good mind and a sound understanding must consider it; and I dare say you perceive, as well as myself, not only in this, but in many other circumstances, reason enough to be convinced that your marriage must have involved you in many certain troubles and disappointments, in which you would have been poorly supported by an affection, on his side, much less certain.
But another strange thing about it," said the curate, "is that, apart from the silly things which this worthy gentleman says in connection with his craze, when other subjects are dealt with, he can discuss them in a perfectly rational manner, showing that his mind is quite clear and composed; so that, provided his chivalry is not touched upon, no one would take him to be anything but a man of thoroughly sound understanding.
Firms considering entry into the insurance premium finance space must first have a sound understanding of their needs to effectively assess the capability of a software platform.
Tenders are invited for the redevelopment attorney shall be an attorney at law in the state of new jersey with a sound understanding of the new jersey redevelopment process and at least five (5) years experience in representing public entities in large redevelopment and rehabilitation projects, land use, condemnation, real estate transactions and extensive knowledge of condominium law.
Qaim Ali Shah thanked Sindh Governor for his kind words, adding that he always maintained a sound understanding with Sindh Governor.
Keith is an experienced executive with deep and broad knowledge of the drug development process and a sound understanding of the challenges faced by senior management.
He further said, as senior military professionals, you must remain abreast of the contemporary geo-political and strategic environment; which not only has a deep impact on the overall security calculus, but its sound understanding also facilitates better preparedness and timely response to emerging threats.
However, creativity results from thinking about relationships, and this requires sound understanding --something that rarely features in rushed syllabuses and exam cramming.
I have a sound understanding of the farming industry and hope I can transfer this knowledge into helping our local members.
Other topics include understanding individual and family counseling, preparing the helper to provide the best professional and ethical services possible, a sound understanding of human behavior, how to conduct the helping relationship from the standpoint of process, establishment of goals, and the implementation of these goals.
She said: "I have developed a sound understanding of my new role through my experience as a special adviser and I look forward to the challenges this new post will present me with.
Our scheme will provide opportunities across a wide range of disciplines and give apprentices a sound understanding of our business.