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Dr Tom Hayward from the University of Sheffield and Professor John Cunningham from the University of Leeds have together come up with a completely new solution: passing sound waves across the surface on which the wires are fixed.
It uses gentle mechanical force created by sound waves to recover whole, unaltered cancer cells that can be used for further testing.
Potential licensees in the cell phone accessories industry are currently being targeted as candidates to eventually commercialize the Cross Sound Wave on a worldwide basis.
So if gases can transmit sound waves, couldn't an exploding spaceship make a noise that travels along with the gases emitted by the explosion?
Sound waves travel from the surface of the casting to the opposite side of the casting wall and are reflected back to the transducer.
About 120 milliseconds after Steinhauer set the rubidium atoms in motion, a rapidly intensifying cluster of sound waves rippled between the two horizons.
Typically a front echo and back echo will be seen as the sound wave bounces off the front and back surface of the casting.
When the sound wave strikes the barrier, the pressure sets the material in motion.
The revamped Active noise-control (ANC) systems capture the noise being generated by a car and then produce an opposite-phase sound wave, the New Scientist reported.
It also uses technology called adaptive filtering to "lock on" to sound waves and remove them, even if the amplitude and frequency change as the drill is being used.
The technology also preserves the exact timing of sound waves, providing the foundation for the development of binaural cochlear implants.
When the universe was around 400,000 years old, conditions were finally cool enough to halt the propagation of the sound waves, and this left a "frozen" sound wave signature, according to UA astronomy professor Xiaohui Fan.