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The arrival of the expansion Seattle Sounders Football Club in 2009 gave hope to the idea that soccer could succeed in the United States.
Figure 1 illustrates typical data provided by a sidescan sonar, subbottom profiler and echo sounder when operated over a pipeline.
High-fidelity Sounder System: Uses a magnet-activated cone speaker to generate noise.
Executive chairman David Adams said: "While the economic and retail environment remains very challenging, the business is on a sounder footing.
CAMERA retailer Jessops yesterday said it was on a sounder footing after efforts to improve margins helped compensate for a sharp fall in sales.
It be used plate from acquisition from trial, program from acquisition from date, electrical sounder from temperature, electrical sounder from pressure, electrical sounder from revolution and position angular, analyzer from gas.
A family of black sharecroppers has little but devoted parents, love, and a wonderful dog named Sounder.
Since June, Mars Express has also been collecting data with a radar sounder.
After all, modern building methods allow us to construct safer structures and sounder levees.
When actor Paul Winfield died of a heart attack on Match 7, his performances in The 1972 classic family drama Sounder and the 1978 miniseries King were duly noted by The New York Times.
Secondly, consider the sounder itself and consider where it will be heard most easily.
Second, consider the sounder itself and figure out where it will be heard most easily.