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For those who perhaps aren't quite ready to be publicly included in the one million+ group of selfie pros, B612's soundless shutter allows users to maintain a sense of privacy while enjoying their photo fun.
It has many quality features including recessed steps, a 63mm thick floor, soundless and self-closing kitchen drawers, a factory-fitted cross bar for a bike rack, and a pre-wired radio.
Step feels sure in a soundless world Recognizable at first sight Colors
By combining the form of the Nautilus shell, the theoretics of Archimedes and his own mathematics, he created a new turbine that hardly has any resistance and has resulted in a design that is virtually soundless.
28 ( ANI ): McLaren driver Jenson Button has said that Sebastian Vettel should quit formula one racing if he is not happy after the Red Bull ace tagged the sport's new nearly soundless cars as 's**t'.
In an astonishing outburst the Red Bull ace branded the new nearly soundless formula as "s**t".
Happy people content with their lives, suddenly made anxious, unable any longer to feel secure, as "a soundless form of terror" and utter vulnerability spreads through the community.
But until a soundless revolution of quiet-seekers mutes our deafening landscape, I'll be staying home more and fantasizing about a nice, quiet apocalypse.
my fear Breath struggles, a smile lights, then sage and soundless, she
The soundless video bore the caption, in Arabic: "The killing of seven Christian hostages in Nigeria.
An untidying soundless tide"-these are the defining words of the title poem and a summary of the forces at work throughout The Hurricurrent.
In his most recent body of work, the markers now have copper and brass horizontal strips at intervals with the attachment of small temple bells resonating with the soundless universal energy.