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The gun's specification, including its high technology, soundlessness and its ability to fire bullets without explosive propellant has made it desirable for guarding important persons, protecting ammo caches, oil and gas installations and refineries and other vital centers and remote-protection of military and other sensitive and vital sites and facilities.
Nevertheless, holding out against flux and holding the history of flux within itself, the photograph's silence is so insistent that its soundlessness constantly reminds one of absent speech, because one interrogates its silence.
Their viscerally embodied soundlessness stands in relief against (and could do without) both the painting and the disembodied sounds piped in from above.
I lay there for several minutes, trying to breathe quietly so as not to obliterate the soundlessness.
Or do we see the lightening that snatches on us with such shocking suddenness and soundlessness that resembles, in our moment of awe and hallucination, the ear-piercing shriek of a heron in the pitch-dark night?