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Such attacks should not be tolerated in a civilised world and should be soundly condemned by all in the international community.
I suspect that their ancient and his contemporary politics would resonate soundly and strongly.
Agencies that serve abused children hold bake sales to fund their centers, five in fear every year of appropriated funds being cut and losing their jobs, work 60 hours a week while being paid for 30, and carry the sorrow of the bruised and battered bodies of these precious little children so that the rest of society can sleep soundly at night.
I observe this sadly, as I generally agree with 85 to 90 percent of the well-reasoned, soundly written articles that appear in the magazine.
Verifying that the overall structure of the enclosure is sufficiently rigid and soundly constructed
Howard's article heavily relies on a 1999 publication [NRDC's "Bottled Water, Pure Drink or Pure Hype"] that was soundly refuted in a science-based technical analysis prepared by the Drinking Water Research Foundation (DWRF).
7 recall election, but the right-wing Republican was soundly defeated, coming in third place.
Gates's treatise on Wheatley, which stems from his 2002 Jefferson Lecture, also soundly repudiates Thomas Jefferson's hostile indictment of her creativity and his notion that black Americans were not "capable of tracing or comprehending the investigations of Euclid.
Chef de mission Ann Hogbin claimed that while the home team were sleeping soundly in their beds despite the inclement Manchester weather some of their rivals had been forced to seek extra supplies.
Kensal Green was landscaped with care, and the board of the General Cemetery Company (which still owns and manages the cemetery) went to great lengths to ensure that the buildings (two chapels with catacombs, a colonnade over another catacomb, the entrance gate and lodges, and the boundary wall and boundary railings) were architecturally distinguished and soundly built in order to attract custom.
Designed by a well-known team of California exercise physiologists, "Weight Training" presented a soundly constructed regimen of exercises performed with a light set of barbells.
Study after study of our mammal cousins have shown that young animals that are touched a great deal grow more quickly and soundly, develop stronger immune responses, exhibit more playfulness and less fear, tolerate stress better, and have a greater resistance to all sorts of physiological harm.