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SOUNDNESS. In usual health; without any permanent disease. 1 Carr. & Marsh. 291. To create unsoundness, it is requisite that the animal should not be useful for the purpose for which he is bought, and that inability to be so useful should arise from disease or accident. 2 M. & Rob. 137; 9 M. & W. 670. 2 M. & Rob. 113.
     2. In the sale of slaves and animals they are sometimes warranted by the seller to be sound, and it becomes important to ascertain what is soundness. Roaring; (q.v.) a temporary lameness, which renders a horse less fit for service; 4 Campb. 271; sed vide 2 Esp. Cas. 573; a cough, unless proved to be of a temporary nature; 2 Chit. R. 245, 416; and a nerved horse, have been held to be unsound. But cribbiting is not a breach of a general warranty of soundness. Holt, Cas. 630.
     3. An action on the case is the proper remedy for a verbal warrant of soundness. 1 H. Bl. R. 17; 3 Esp. 82; 9 B. & Cr. 259; 2 Dow. & Ry. 10; 1 Bing. 344; 5 Dow. & R. 164; 1 Taunt. 566; 7 East, 274; Bac. Ab. Action on the Case, E.

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The Keynote Address by Professor Mohamed Azmi Omar, Director General of the Islamic Research and Training Institute of the Islamic Development Bank Group, emphasised "the importance to understand the nature of financial instability and the types of turbulence, which might pose particular systemic dangers, further highlighting the need to capture specificities of Islamic financial institutions in the soundness indicators as well as going beyond the analysis of financial condition to also capture the benefits (maslahah) from the existence of Islamic financial institutions".
While the concentric circle model emphasizes the role of banks in identifying problems that pose a threat to safety and soundness, supervisors also have important responsibilities, explained Raskin.
With an eye on competition and premium volume, executives may second guess or overrule a ratemaker's actuarial recommendations, without full appreciation for the soundness of the implied underlying assumptions.
Four of the existing bills would abolish OFHEO and move its safety and soundness regulatory function to the Treasury Department.
Berg says a breeding soundness exam can't guarantee the fertility of a bull, but it can identify bulls having obvious reproductive problems.
Tanigaki also said the soundness and competitiveness of a newcomer specializing in settlement services as planned by Ito-Yokado must be scrutinized.
A SBP statement here on Wednesday said that the QC provides financial data as well as information on key Financial Soundness Indicators (FSIs) for Banking System, Islamic Banking (IB) and Development Financial Institutions (DFIs).
the required service is responsible for functional testing of ventilation systems and the soundness and correct functioning of the systems owned stores radioactive waste campas declassifiable materials and low radiological.
The Economic Policy & Research Center (EPRC), the operational arm of Dubai Economic Council (DEC) recently conducted an economic policy study titled Soundness of UAE Banking Sector and Macroeconomic Conditions.
OIG Report Reveals NCUA Questions SECU's Safety and Soundness," CUTimes.
Bank directors have an important responsibility as the first line of defense in maintaining their institution's safety and soundness.