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By stacking five membranes together, each tuned to a specific band, you can create a soundproof panel that works in the range from 70 to 550 hertz.
Supply, transportation, installation, commissioning and delivery of plug and play 21 portable soundproof generator sets (G / S) power from 40 KVA to 900 KVA and two supply portable soundproof generator sets (G / S) power 150 KVA .
Based in Reno, Nevada, Soundproof Windows serves customers located throughout North America.
Serious Materials today announced its new line of QuietHome soundproof doors.
Serious Materials announced that its QuietRock[R] line of soundproof drywall won the Gypsum Product of the Year award at the Global Gypsum 2008 conference held in Dubai earlier this month.
A door like that has to be soundproof, which means it weighs several tonnes to absorb the noise, and it has to seal well against the building.
The company has been delivering soundproof enclosures for vacuum pumps since 2004.
VAN NUYS - The city Department of Airports has spent an average of $25,000 each to soundproof homes near Van Nuys Airport, but residents say all they get from officials is a deaf ear to their complaints of shoddy work and unreasonable construction times.
Other benefits of the steel and concrete construction are the nearly soundproof one-foot thick floors, which are being restored in red and white oak or maple.
Drywall Leader Makes Major Commitment to Innovative Soundproof Drywall Product
The new residents objected to the noise emanating from the studio and despite efforts to soundproof the studio by plaintiff, the new residents persisted with their complaints to the board of directors of Groff.