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But her invented-for-the-film escapades as Webster's pregnant daughter reduces the source material to a rambling romcom.
'It's bold science fiction, envisioning a fully developed futuristic Neo Tokyo-like New Port City that at once is faithful to the source material but also takes it one step farther,' wrote Schwartz.
Mad Max fully embraces the chaotic nature of its source material, thrusting you headfirst into George Miller's decrepit, salvaged world.
The new regulations also modify distribution, possession and use requirements for small quantities of source material that can be used or transferred without a specific license.
Understanding how source material breaks down in the lab helps point chemical engineers in the right direction when they are responsible for scaling up to a pilot reactor and ultimately final production.
* Two sets of court documents about clergy sex abuse have been used as source material for dramatic presentations of these cases.
The famous battalion's tour of duty in 2006 gave tremendous source material - at the time the Taliban were taking on the British army head on.
When there is clearly such a mountain of untapped original source material, this is a crime; but the greater crime to my mind is that these original errors have been allowed to grow and establish themselves as outright fact, as historians for over a century have simply republished these versions of events unchallenged.
Let us pass over in respectful silence the disastrous attempt to promote empathetic understanding as a skill (it isn't one, and countless mangled and nonsensical GCSE assignments proved it) and look at a skill that is normally regarded as one of history's very best: the ability to analyse historical source material. Are pupils really taught this?
Comparing reports with the source material yields interesting results.