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Mad Max fully embraces the chaotic nature of its source material, thrusting you headfirst into George Miller's decrepit, salvaged world.
The source material is 12,000 pages of documents related to clergy sexual abuse cases.
Ragweed and other pollens are collected from fields and processed to produce source material lots with high purity and confirmed identity.
In terms of theme, available source material and investigative approach, social history offers tremendous opportunities for students to undertake small-scale investigations that vary in nature and scope, enabling them to learn in depth through practical experience.
While it is certainly understandable that not all issues of these magazines are available--or were available when the book went to press--by choosing not to account clearly for the source material, Rooks unnecessarily undermines an otherwise compelling work.
Original source material and memoirs blend with Randall Silvis' masterful history in NORTH OF UNKNOWN: MINA HUBBARD'S EXTRAORDINARY EXPEDITION INTO THE LABRADOR WILDERNESS.
Rowling's huge doorstop books aren't great source material for good movies.
Mortal peril, the threat of thieves, hostile Indians, and the challenges of surviving and no man's land with few laws and less enforcement make for an exciting succession of dangerous adventures that provide the would-be writer with source material to craft popular stories beyond his wildest dreams.
There is no way that surround effects synthesized from two-channel source material can do this, but SACD and DVD-A (and DD and DTS) can do it easily.
The mites are used to manufacture allergenic extracts or as a source material.
What makes the Rebel Lives series valuable is its presentation of primary source material once the historical background has been carefully laid out in an introduction.
DTS Neo:6 injects the power of surround sound into any stereo source material such as MP3 and CDs.