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It rolls away from its source with so inconsiderable a current, that it appears unlikely to escape being dried up by the hot season, but soon receiving an increase from the Gemma, the Keltu, the Bransu, and other less rivers, it is of such a breadth in the plain of Boad, which is not above three days' journey from its source, that a ball shot from a musket will scarce fly from one bank to the other.
It was difficult, it was even impossible, to arrive at the source of the Nile by tracing its channel from the mouth; and all who ever attempted it, having been stopped by the cataracts, and imagining none that followed them could pass farther, have taken the liberty of entertaining us with their own fictions.
The former is a river which has its source in a considerable lake about one hundred and fifty miles west of the point of junction.
is not less a source of frequent and intricate discussions, sufficiently denoting the indeterminate limits by which they are respectively circumscribed.
I do not despair of yet bringing about such a search, and it is a source of deep grief to me that it has been delayed by the undeserved hostility and unwise incredulity of the family and friends of the late Judge Veigh.
The most successful applicants will take an integrated approach that addresses in a scientifically sound manner aspects within the continuum of PM sources to effects.
Content analyses were used to explore alternative sources and functions of developmental support other than mentoring among nonfaculty university employees.
could alleviate this double tax simply by excluding from the tax base income derived from sources outside the U.
The tunable source can simulate standard sources and can be used as a transfer source to propagate photometric and colorimetric scales from calibrated reference instruments to test artifacts with minimal increase in uncertainty.
Application development today involves assembly based on congregating code components from a variety of origins, including open source and proprietary sources.
It provides the building blocks for any country to provide the necessary infrastructure for a homegrown IT industry, far less reliant on foreign sources of technology than is currently the case.