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Wins taste much sweeter and losses much sourer than at BigCo.
Tons of items licensed from Minions, Star Wars and other upcoming movies; better-for-you, high-protein, hot pepper, and sour, sourer and even more sourer items will be hitting store shelves in the months ahead.
Join it from the tramstops on its route around the city centre and you get a bottle of apfelwein - it's similar to cider but with a slightly sourer, sharper taste - to try as you travel.
Most Saudi exports to the US are much heavier and certainly sourer than the light sweet oils being produced from shale formations like North Dakota's Bakken and Texas' Eagle Ford.
Through close textual attention to Tolstoy's novella and extensive engagement with Frances Kamm's treatment of it, this article quarrels with this "Redemption View" of Ivan's case, offering a sourer, more pessimistic view.
While many supply growth forecasts had long been predicated on the notion of a shift in crude quality towards heavier and sourer grades, LTO is exceptionally light and sweet, including large volumes of field condensate.
Sourer paid tribute to Rudman in a brief and most appropriate eulogy that tied Rudman's refusal to forget those Korean War veterans buried in that cemetery to the fact that the nation would not forget Rudman and his contributions.
FRIDAY Canadian comedian Katherine Ryan will be making comedy lemonade out of some of life's sourer experiences in a packed show at The Glee Club.
But less well-known is that refiners' appetite for heavier, sourer crudes has been surging.
They are also being challenged with the increasing amount of heavier and sourer fuels.
1179, 1184-93 (2009) (arguing that Justice Sourer mistakes this
15) Here I agree with something that Justice Sourer said at oral arguments: I have no idea what that means.