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next time, it's the sourest local bubblegum we know.
The sourest note was on a possible breakdown in talks -- May said earlier that "no deal … is better than a bad deal" -- and a suggestion that this would hurt cooperation on crime and security.
The refinery is fed by the gas recovered from phases 15 and 16 of the supergiant South Pars Gas Field which is considered the sourest gas feedstock in the SPGC.
And, of course, both Cole Porter and Purcell were basically in showbiz: singers Sandra Piques Eddy and Duncan Rock waltzed stylishly through a selection from Kiss Me, Kate (the orchestra could have done with keeping down) before McGegan unleashed four soloists and the full CBSO Chorus on a performance of Act IV of Purcell's The Fairy Queen that will have silenced all but the sourest of early music fundamentalists with its style and splendour.
Some of my colleagues were not quite so pleased and when I left the paper one wrote on my card: "how will we cope without our shining beacon?" The sourest thing ever said to me.
But her downhill dream ended on the sourest of notes.
The Hatem Ben Arfa saga has ended as most of us feared, with his time on Tyneside ending on the sourest of notes.
The sweetest of the sweet laid over the sourest of the sour ...
Okay, a lot of that has to do with the antics of Jose Mourinho, football's sourest boss.
This is three straight losses for the Ducks at home - a first since MKA opened in 2011 - and the latest one might be the sourest of the bunch.
You can lighten things Libra, spontaneity is the way ahead and even the smallest of gestures can sweeten the sourest of moments.