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The mold also transforms the acids in the cheese, which removes any sourish, milky flavor, and leads the cheese to offer more pronounced flavors.
The overture, "Mato lampi" (Worm Pond), plays with the vagaries of Finnish genealogy and nomenclature (and-real or made-up-the author's family), and on the forest, water, and bog origin of a very large segment of Finland's population: "Bright sun of September, the strong and a little sourish taste of swamp water.
It's a sourish note why I'm here, but I'm just looking forward to playing some golf again.
They stand at the curb and watch without seeming to look, wearing the sourish air of corner hangabouts.
The second class contains eight orders: 1st, Having a sourish astringent taste.
Neufchatel is one of France's 45 PDO cheeses, many of which have become synonymous with French gastronomy by Sourish Bhattacharyya