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8%), which is a darker take on the style but still with a refreshing dry sourness.
The sourness of the bread compliments the spicy flavor of the dish.
The gas from Kidan is similar in sourness to the Shah gas field in Abu Dhabi, so infrastructure will have to be built which can process sulphur.
Our ambitions are too big and are hopes are too high for self-defeating sourness that has no place in a modern Wales.
He said the sourness has affected shopping behaviour as well.
The sourness of the dish, and its generous seasoning with salt, woke the taste-buds to great effect.
A general sourness will enter into English politics - and we will not be able to judge where that sourness will lead us.
The growth of lactic acid bacteria stimulated by slow drying of grains added sourness to the brew.
In 2009, a group led by Charles Zuker of the University of California, San Diego and Nicholas Ryba of the National Institutes of Health showed that carbonation trips cells in the tongue that convey sourness.
Because of the sourness of the gas, only about two-thirds of the output can be used.
All the while, there are complaints, whether overt or covert, that "the Syrians are back," which is causing the usual sourness in Lebanon.
For the first experiment, the researchers asked 150 visitors at the Allendorf winery in Oestrich-Winkel, Germany, to sample a dry Riesling and judge its sweetness, sourness, spiciness, fruitiness, bitterness, flavor intensity and flavor pleasantness.