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The principal narrator begins as a shiftless souse with an uncanny likeness to one Pedro Akira, leader of the Movimiento Amarillo and sole opposition candidate to Tomas del Pito, diminutive narco-dictator of the hellish tropical republic of Miranda.
SOUSSE, April 10, 2010 (TAP) - Environment and product quality control: recovering and processing of waste and effects on human health, is the theme of the 5th International Congress held in the resort city of Souse April 9-11.
So Yours Truly thought it was time to put a step-by-step guide - or should that be stumble - of 30 pubs together which even that old souse WC Fields couldn't fail to follow.
Divona Telecom's network build-out is due to take place in various phases during the next two years, connecting five cities: Tunis, Nabeul, Souse, Monastir and Sfax and helping to boost network capacity, features and reliability.
Check out the following paragraphs (both taken from This Old Souse, her latest B&B title) and see what I mean:
Mary Daheim - Author reads from "This Old Souse," her 20th Bed and Breakfast mystery, 7 p.
The author has amazing human perception as she probes Delphine's deep friendships with women, sense of obligation to her souse of a father, relationship with a gay man who loves her, hard work in the Waldvogel butcher shop, and affection for the butcher's motherless sons.
It his wife or sister is raped, he is least concerned with the perpetrator of the crime; instead all his attention is diverted towards the souse or sister of the culprit.
Oldenburg narrates the tale of a socially empowered pre-colonial woman whose ticket to economic freedom was actually the 'streedhan" or woman's-wealth she brought front hot parental souse to the marital institution.
Though William Bounds died in 1995, his family carries on the business: His widow, Helen, serves as president; daughter Sharon is vice president; Sharon's husband, Rick Souse, develops the company's spice line; and grandson William Bounds III joins the team this year as a product designer.
Here in Pennsylvania Dutch country, when we butcher a hog, we make scrapple and headcheese or souse, utilizing "everything but the oink.
I'm not going to just sit on the side burner and wait souse what happens.