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If this history has no other effect than to inspire the possessors of precious relics with holy fear, and induce them to make codicils to secure these touching souvenirs of joys that are no more by bequeathing them to loving hands, it will have done an immense service to the chivalrous and romantic portion of the community; but it does, in truth, contain a far higher moral.
Angel had put them into her hand, had obtained them bright and new from his bank for her; his touch had consecrated them to souvenirs of himself--they appeared to have had as yet no other history than such as was created by his and her own experiences--and to disperse them was like giving away relics.
Her open jacket disclosed a galaxy of souvenirs pinned to the background of bright blue,--a small American flag, a button of the Wareham Rowing Club, and one or two society pins.
These are my last souvenirs of that world which is dead to me.
The 53-year-old, whose identity is being withheld, admitted that he stole souvenirs worth 109,000 won ($100) a six dolls and a hooded T-shirt a from a souvenir shop at around 10:05 p.
Four commemorative stamps and one souvenir sheet crowned with the portrait of His Majesty King Hamad, the Supreme Commander, were issued marking BDF's 50th anniversary.
Economically, Abdel Moneim Bukhari, the owner of the Al-Meawiah Establishment for Antiques and Gifts, believes that these replicas are a souvenir that many visitors keep and remain a link that connects them to the place that they revere.
The souvenir will be provided along with a message containing the noble values that Zayed instilled in the hearts of his citizens, to Emirati babies who were born in 2018 and hold a family book after completing the procedures for obtaining the passport.
Ayub, a souvenir shop-owner, said,"Souvenirs with 'Tamim Al Majd' portrait are selling like hot cakes.
10/- of each denomination (set of 03) and Souvenir Sheet of Rs.
Souvenir shops at Souq Waqif too are also receiving a number of customers, many of them visitors from Western destinations.
based manufacturer, importer and distributor of branded and private label specialty confections and fine foods, said it acquired Denver-based AmuseMints LLC, a mint manufacturer in the souvenir, specialty retail and gifting industries.