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SOVEREIGN. A chief ruler with supreme power; one possessing sovereignty. (q.v.) It is also applied to a king or other magistrate with limited powers.
     2. In the United States the sovereignty resides in the body of the people. Vide Rutherf. Inst. 282.

SOVEREIGN, Eng. law. The name of a gold coin of Great Britain of the value of one pound sterling.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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(Chinese political authority has often been authored in the Westphalian sense, and land in China is sovereignly governed and defined by exclusive borders.
Whereas in a democracy, even if some obligation may arise from consent, there can be, since the citizen is sovereignly free, no obligation that preempts his sovereign freedom.
There mission is said to have a centripetal force, while in the New, "centrifugal forces surging within the Scriptures break out into the non-Jewish world." They offer four key themes that help us to understand mission in the Old Testament: (1) God creates--thus mission starts with the creation motif; (2) the people of God understood God as sovereignly involved both within Israel and in secular world history; (3) God is the one who directs history; and (4) the religiosity of Israel is fundamentally different from that of the world (Senior and Stuhlmueller, The Biblical Foundations for Mission, pp.
In determining that some of HRS' conduct was sovereignly immune from tort liability and some was not, the Florida Supreme Court analyzed the distinction between the policymaking function of HRS versus its operational duties.
As Giorgio Agamben describes, for a regime to continue to sovereignly employ violence as it did at its origin, it must blur the distinction between constitutive violence (the violence, in the absence of law, that founds a state by overthrowing that which preceded it) and constituted violence (the violence used by an established state, under the law, to maintain itself by defending against external or internal threats).
Holding a trident to show Britain's sovereignly over the seas, she roused the audience with what one reviewer proclaimed, the "climactic thrill" of the evening with her rendition of Rule, Britannia ("Progress").
It reigned sovereignly worldwide until 1983, when a few creative people from Quebec decided to take seriously the derisive attitude that the French in Europe and English-speaking people in Canada were showing towards French Canada, and reacted in kind, making everyone laugh with them.
And if the content of faith exceeds our reason, it nonetheless remains "sovereignly reasonable" (the phrase is his wife's, Rai'ssa Maritain).
Moll achieves Derrida's "joyous affirmation" through economic sovereignly and resolves the antagonistic relation between self and other, subject and object, and masculine and feminine by using the performative act as a means for challenging and reconstituting the traditional dialectic of identity.
This does not mean abolishing countries, or borders, or the idea that nation-states may sovereignly decide who to admit among their number.
The metaphysical implication of this is that the human collective, never a community, has to act "over against" the one God who sovereignly demands that man turn "from his own satisfaction" to the one thing necessary in itself and for its sake.
Believing that God sovereignly determined the timing of a person's passing, civilians encouraged soldiers to be prepared for death at any moment.