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Last year wheat crop sowed on 6.515 million hector area in Punjab, 1.1695 million hector areas in Sindh, 0.7607 million area in KP and 0.3941 million hector in Balochistan.
Boars may be fed on sow and weaner meal at 2kg per boar per day and when they are serving, increase their ration to 2.
The app displays sow history and enables recording of daily events onsite, reducing costly accuracy mistakes, and eliminating the need for a data entry bureau.
In the modern pig production system, confinement such as gestation stalls are a chronic stressor to sows, because space restriction limits expression of innate behaviors of pregnant sows and does not meet their specific needs [1].
Pak Choi is a good late entry - sow now and collect in October, usually right up to first frosts.
After yesterday 's After yesterday's training session at Riccarton Sow tweeted: "Happy to be back "Happy to be back training with the boys." training with the boys."
Tim Blanchard, an ABN customer who farms in Oxfordshire, with a closed unit comprising of 720 sows, has used performance monitoring and industry benchmarking to improve his herd and business over recent years.
Now is the time to sow spinach and onions, pictured right
Before sowing, rake in a general fertiliser, then sow the seeds in drills 5cm deep in rows with plants 20cm apart each way, sowing more than you need at each end so you can transplant any extras to fill in gaps.
One of the primary communication vehicles for conveying requirements to all parties involved in the acquisition process is the statement of work (SOW).