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BEIRUT: Senior Shiite cleric Sayyed Mohammad Hussein Fadlallah and Progressive Socialist Party (PSP) leader MP Walid Jumblatt on Wednesday stressed on the need to face US-Israeli schemes that aim to "weaken Lebanon's domestic front and sow the seeds of inter-Muslim strife.
Use a piece of cane or a stick to mark out drills into which you will sow the seeds.
A It's safer to sow the seeds in individual pots or peat pots in the greenhouse, cold frame or on a sunny windowsill indoors.
But as he watched his charges learning the phonetic alphabet and transforming dots and dashes into letters, Hutchinson smiled with pride, hoping that teaching the basics of electronics and communication would sow the seeds of future innovation.
Sow the seeds very thinly and cover over with a little soil.
Wanna know how to sow the seeds for a successful business?