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The contract is for the supply line for sowing the seeds of forest trees line for removing, sorting and packing of cuttings and Section washing and disinfection of nursery cases to the Centre SzkElkarsko-Seed Forestry Jarocin.
You can begin sowing the seeds of begonias, impatiens, eggplants, onions, peppers and other slow-growing flowers and vegetables.
Summary: Sherlock actor Benedict Cumberbatch is sowing the seeds of his own whodunnit by suggesting the super-sleuth is about to die.
Around sitting areas, consider sowing the seeds of the shoo fly plant (also known as Nicandra physalodes), a fastgrowing bushy variety, capable of reaching three to four feet tall, which has pretty bell-shaped flowers.
A former civil servant is sowing the seeds of success after buying a franchise.
The Bush administration's agenda of perpetual war and unchecked spending is sowing the seeds of national ruin.