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During 2014-2015, statistically similar number of emerged seedlings was obtained in turbo and happy seeded wheat, while zone disk tiller sown wheat showed the less number of emerged seedlings (Table 5).
55 g) was recorded when the crop was sown on 15th October, followed by 30th October where 19.
All sorts of poppies can be sown in this way too, including our red corn poppy, Papaver rhoeas.
Maximum number of tillers m-2 and grain yield were recorded when wheat was sown on 30th November where as minimum tillers m-2 and grain yield were recorded on 15th December.
Summer radishes can be sown up until August and harvested from May onwards, while winter radishes should be sown in July and harvested from August through to November.
Quick-growing lettuces such as Little Gem can be sown in March in mild areas, in rows 15cm apart.
Carrots can be sown at two-week intervals to provide a succession of crops during the year.
Hybrids CD 306 and CD 308 from the sown on 3/15 presented the highest number of ears per plant, and thus had the highest prolificity index in the 2005 off-season crop.
As dwarf French beans require no support they can be sown direct into the soil.
Basil is an indispensable herb that should be sown now in a tray and pricked out into three-inch pots when large enough.
Genetic distance analysis between the chickpea lines sown in the two sowing dates were performed after data standardization, since the results are sensitive to the choices of units of measurements.
The most important agro--technical measures is the sowing which is to be carried out on a well prepared land area to be sown (Skalicky, 1999).