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While Cargill was a pioneer in the use of group housing for gestating sows dating back more than a decade, in the past few years growing public interest in the welfare related to animals raised for food has been expressed to our customers and the pork industry.
Over the last three years we have readdressed the balance and moved our focus towards monitoring the performance of the sows.
During the remainder of this article, the information and guidance provided specifically addresses the development of SOWs.
While working in the national park, Mazur came to know two sows over the years.
He says under these conditions, some sows can develop stress-related behaviors.
Some would argue that gilts should nurse smaller litters than older sows so the gilts won't get too thin during lactation.
The sows do this despite the deafening cries of their doomed piglets.
Other member states have indeed signed up to ban tethers, but the equally cruel sow stalls will still be legal.
Antibodies in their blood matched those taken from infected sows, Kirkland says.
On a monthly basis, the current stock of 300 sows generates net profits of $18,750, which on an annualized basis, reflects net profits of $225,000.