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The space capsule sold for one million euro which comes to about $1.
Interested buyers can register to bid for the space capsule via the website www.
The space capsule is on public exhibition in Sotheby's York Avenue galleries from 24 February.
A team of scientists have flown to the Australian Outback to recover a Japanese space capsule that they hope contains the first-ever material samples from an asteroid.
ISRO is also working on a related project called the Space Capsule Recovery Experiment ( SRE), aimed at developing and demonstrating capability to recover orbiting capsules.
Outside their space capsule and Nailed a sign to the portal saying
When I was in Iraq, I might as well have been circling the earth from a space capsule, circling in farthest orbit'.
Caption: Because part of new septic system being assembled at The Common Man in Windham resembled a space capsule, owner Alex Ray and the construction crew decided to have a little fun, adorning it with an American flag and adhering vinyl letters to it that read "NASA.
Russia has launched an investigation into why a manned space capsule returned to earth hundreds of kilometres off course, a space industry official said yesterday.
Orbiting in a Mercury space capsule in 1961, the chimp got his name from the lab in which he was raised, the Holloman Aero Medical laboratory in Alamogordo, New Mexico.
A parachute manufacturer has been awarded a five-year contract to develop an advanced space capsule airbag landing attenuation system for NASA's Langley Research Center.
The swimmers don't yet know the race's outcome, and the space capsule looks pathetic in the vast ocean--just as the photographic fragments themselves look glumly isolated in Fisher's compositions.