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Complications of surgical extraction of ankylosed primary teeth and distal shoe space maintainers.
7,10 In this paper, a simple and quick technique to fabricate a space maintainer for lost primary maxillary incisors is described.
to make an aesthetic space maintainer in the anterior maxilla.
Patient was recalled every 3 months for the evaluation of space maintainer and abutment teeth.
The placement of the proper space maintainer in children requires the knowledge of the growth process of the dental arch.
The infra-occluded primary molars were extracted at age 10 before infra-occlusion became too extensive, and a lingual arch space maintainer was placed.
In order to replace a missing tooth following extraction we have wide range of space maintainer designs like removable, fixed, fiber reinforced composites where acrylic / composite tooth is being used.
In addition, parents were instructed to notify the clinician immediately if the band and loop space maintainer became loose, or if any discomfort was encountered.
A space maintainer that will guide the first permanent, molar into its normal position is indicated.
According to literature, natural teeth are the ideal space maintainers [Duggal et al.
The divisions include: Space Maintainers Laboratories (appliance construction); Success Essentials (ortho/pedo products); The Second Opinion (diagnostic services); SMILE Foundation (educational services); and ATG Dental Practitioner Registry (appliance therapy provider listings).
100 percent coverage for all preventative and diagnostic services, except for sealants and space maintainers, which are covered at 80 percent.